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San Antonio

Dont mess with Texas

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Maintainer: texan_darling

Theme of the week: Show off those dentures, I mean teeth.

x1. You must be from or around San Antonio, TX.
x2. Fill out the survey below when you first join.
x3. People love pictures, post as many as you want, as long as they're not nude.
x4. Don't give the Maintainer or Moderators any lip. At all. You can/will be banned.
x5. Don't bash any members. If you have beef with someone, kick them in the shin with your emo shoes, run them over in your lifted truck, or poison their tacos. Whatever you choose, leave US out of it.
x6. This is a communitity, not your personal journal! You have your own journal, so don't bother with your personal problems... like Joni loves Chachi!
x7. Have fun.

Other news & information:
-Get togethers on Wednesdays at Mama Margie's on I-10

Side of town (optional):
School, if any:
Favorite bands (max 5):
Favorite Local bands(max 5):
Favorite places in SA:
Best thing about SA:
Something you hate:
Any upcoming events in SA, you'd like to tell about:
Random fact:

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